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TSG Swing Trading System

What is the TSG Swing Trading System?

The TSG-STS is a contrarian swing and position trading system that trades against the trend. The system, following a very specific set of rules, buys an equity while it is dropping in value and sells an equity while it is rising in value. The success of this system relies on its strict and extensive equity selection procedure and its extroadinary ability to provide timely entries and exits. Each equity in the system is heavily backtested and forward tested to determine the exact factors needed to optimize returns. From a usability standpoint, the system is exceptionally easy to implement and is pecifically tailored towards individuals with full-time day jobs. Set your limit orders in the evening and let them to the heavy lifting during the day while you are working. Come home from work, log-in to your brokerage, smile at the daily results, then come back to this website and set your orders for tomorrow.

System Goals

Although the trades in this system are short to medium term trades, the system as a whole is meant for the long haul. The goal of the system is $1M in profits after 10 years not including the initial period getting set up in the system. Incremental goals are as follows (numbers in parenthesis are cumulative profits):

  • First 6 months: Initial period.
  • Year 1: First $10K in profits.
  • Year 2: $15K profits ($25K)
  • Year 3: $25K profits ($50K)
  • Year 4: $35K profits ($85K)
  • Year 5: $50K profits ($135K)
  • Year 6: $75K profits ($210K)
  • Year 7: $110K profits ($320K)
  • Year 8: $140K profits ($460K)
  • Year 9: $240K profits ($700K)
  • Year 10: $300K profits($1M)

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