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TSG Swing Trading System

Trading Scores

This page lists every ticker symbol tracked by this this swing trading system, and assigns each ticker a trading score. You may need to tap and swipe to the right to see all columns on mobile devices.

Each ticker is is scored to determine how tradeable it is. The higher the score, the better. Risk, Reward, Consistency, and Overall scores are calculated based on historical and real time data. Risk (1-10, 10 being lowest risk) is a measure of the average amount of money needed to be invested in order to get a closed trade (i.e. take profits). More money invested = more risk. Reward (1-10, 10 best reward) is a measure of how much money would have been made using this system for a specific ticker over the past 10 years. More money = higher score. Consistency (1-10, 10 is best is a measure of how often a trade pays off. Lots of small payoffs each year are better than one large payoff per year under the rules of this system. The goal is to cylce in and out of trades fast. Also listed are the sectors and industries of each ticker. When utilizing this system, you can either trade every single stock or if limited funds are an issue, it would make sense to pick 1 stock from each sector and or industry. In addition, an overall score is provided which basically combines the 3 scores into a weighted average. Top trading scores are at the top. The tickers highlighted green are most balanced(all 3 scores above 6). The tickers highlighted red, the system does not trade.

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