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TSG ETF Allocation System

What is the TSG ETF Allocation System?

The Trading Systems Group Exchange Traded Fund Allocation System (TSG-ETFAS) is a long term position based system that allocates percentages between five exchange traded funds. A maximum of 2 allocation changes will occur per month, but in most months, no changes will occur.

The Five ETF's

This system is initally based on the 5 funds in the U.S. Federal Government Retirement System known as the Thrift Savings Plan. Why these funds? They have a very extensive record of historical prices going back decades and provide a certain level of diversification. Also, it was by popular request. If you are a Thrift Savings Plan account holder, you may trade these funds directly or if you are not, use one of the alternative ETF's listed that the 5 funds are based on.

The 5 funds are:

  1. G Fund - (very safe)- TIP
  2. F Fund - (bonds) AGG
  3. C Fund - (large cap stocks) SPY
  4. S Fund - (small and mid cap stocks) VXF
  5. I Fund - (international stocks) EFA

System Goals

The goals of this system are quite simple. Beat the S&P 500 Index over time by 1% per year, but with substantially more safety. Doesn't sound like much? We'll beating the index by 1% per year over a career would lead to approximately 50% more money in your retirement account.

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