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About Trading Systems Group

Why create this website?

This website was created after the results of years of frustration signing up for many many paid investment and trading newsletters that simply did not work. They all claim to be successful, charge a mandatory subscription fee, are vague on details on what to do, and the rationale behind thier trading methods is always a secret. Another tactic is they send out "after-the-fact" too late alerts on when to buy and when to sell. If you missed it, it was your email server's fault, not thiers, of course.

When you don't make money using the advice/methods in their newsletters/websites, it is always your fault. You just weren't smart enough to "get" their methods (even if you have Master's degrees in math and finance) and they claim they aren't going to "hold your hand" through thier methods (even though you don't have any idea what their secret methods are). The secret method of, "Oh, you did it wrong! You should have only applied this method if the MACD crossover of this and that, the RSI is greater than the some secret value, and when we are at a half moon during Aquarius, silly! I may not have actually spelled this out for you, but c'mon, it was obvious. When will you learn!"

Thus, Trading Systems Group was created. All methods on this website will be spelled out, clear and conscise, with limit orders that you set outside of trading hours. Either the limit orders execute for the day or they don't. Anyways, hopefully someone out there finds this website valuable and makes some money with the techniques presented. Good luck with your trading!

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