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Welcome to Trading Systems Group!

Our Purpose

The purpose of Trading Systems Group (TSG) is to develop and share strict rules-based equity trading systems. Emotions or simply guessing should play NO PART in your decisions concerning whether or not to buy or sell a stock! Using a very specific and strict set of rules is essential.

Illustration of a Trading System

For example, let's look at Apple (ticker AAPL) over the last year. For reference this example was written on 21-DEC-2016, and AAPL closed at $117.06. The closing price one year prior on 21-DEC-2015 was $107.33. So just using the buy and hold approach, one would have made a respectable 9.07%. Applying a very simple set of rules such as...

  1. Buy on 10% pullbacks.
  2. Sell on 10% rallies.

Apple Example

...results in 33.10% gains over the same time period. Since our initial price was $107.33 (point A). One would have bought at a 10% pullback, $107.33 X 0.9 = $96.60 (point B). Then sold at a 10% rally, $96.60 X 1.1 = $106.26 (C), bought again for $101.15 (E), sold for $112.39 (F), bought a third time for $106.53 (H), and sold for $117.18 (I). Now in this specific example, these rules were just made up on the fly for illustrative purposes and were shown to work for AAPL over a specific 1 year period.

Trading System Rules

During the development of a profitable trading system, the specific rules that are used in practice should be backtested over many years of historical data and forward tested as well with paper trades. At what price should an equity be bought? Under what fundamental and/or technical conditions? How much should be purchased? At what price should it be sold? How many shares should be sold and how much should be left invested?

Trading Systems Group was created to help answer these questions!

Our Trading Systems

Two different trading systems are currently available for use:

Click on one of the above 2 links for further information on these systems or click HERE for a brief description of both systems.

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